Most of the time, the two most expensive parts of putting on an event are the venue and the caterer. Obviously, they’re both very important aspects of your event… But remember, you can have a backyard wedding with home made food that people will talk about for years to come, so long as the DJ had everyone dancing the entire time. On the flip side, you can have the most extravagant water-front wedding with the most expensive 7-course meal and all of your guests sitting around bored because you hired the wrong DJ. So we know we’re biased, but we mean it when we say that hiring a Craigslist DJ is not the place to cut corners.

Here are a few ways you may be able to save on your venue:

1) Ask your venue if they provide discounts for days of the week that aren’t prime time. You’d be hard pressed to find any event vendor willing to give you a discount if you plan to book on a Saturday. That’s because they are most likely to book that day, and if you don’t want to pay the full rate, it’s likely someone else will. Since that is an event vendor’s primary source of income, it’s important that they can save Saturdays for folks willing to pay full rate. So consider having your event on a Sunday, or even Friday night! Of course, any weekday you are very likely to have vendors be flexible when it comes to price. It’s likely they won’t book anything else that day. For example, we offer a 30% weekday discount, (Sundays included).

2) Consider having the event at a friends place or at home. If you can convince someone with a nice house, or a big backyard to allow you to have the event or wedding at their place, you can save a ton of money and spend instead on things that will actually contribute to the amount of fun people have at your event. A great venue with a stellar view doesn’t guarantee a fun event if there’s no money left in the budget for a great DJ. You don’t want to spend all that money to have a boring event…

3) If you are a member of any kind of athletic club or cultural society, find out if they have an event space! They usually offer them at a discounted rate to members.

It can be argued, that good food should actually out-rank a premier venue. Things people can associate with their sense will actually be the most memorable to them. For example, the delicious food, the incredible music, the smell of the floral arrangements, a spectacular view. All of these things help make your event truly unforgettable. Here are some ways to save some money on your caterer, without compromising on the overall quality of your experience.

1) Food Trucks. Food Trucks. Food Trucks. One of the most popular money savers when it comes to caterers is hiring your favorite food truck! Everyone loves food trucks. The food is fresh, made on demand, and they help add to the unique flavor of your event, pun intended.

2) Buy your appetizers from Costco, or make them yourself. Most of the time, caterers are more than happy to pass out home-made or pre-purchased appetizers they don’t have to make. Just tell them it’s a special family recipe that absolutely must be a part of your special day. Your vendors want to make you happy, so if you aren’t sure if they’re willing to do something for you, just ask!

3) Find out if your favorite local resturant caters events! Many do, and often times it can be less expensive than hiring a catering company, and the food can be just as delicious or better!

When it comes to both venues and caterers feel free to ask us for suggestions! We eat a lot of catered food at events and trust me when I say we have our favorites.